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Aleigha Reott (AKA Ms. Pink!)

Owner & Operator

I grew up in a very creative family near Raleigh, NC. Art has always been an essential part of my life! I received my MAEd with concentration in textiles and my BFA in metalsmithing from East Carolina University (GO PIRATES!). I taught elementary school art in the public school system in North Carolina. My husband and I moved to Georgia in 2012, where I also taught in the Marietta school system. I then started and ran painting events as MsPinkATL/PaintNiteATL for several years. Opening my own studio has always been a dream of mine! I played roller derby and my name was KickHer Doodle, which is where the studio gets its name! I have two black cats (Nacho and Jammer) and a husband (Mike)! I look forward to creating masterpieces with you soon!

While working in the public school system, I gained experience and knowledge on how to navigate a normal classroom setting, working as “art on a cart,” working within limited budgets, working in a Title 1 school, working at two different schools during the day, STEAM implementation, summer art camps, and leading after school art clubs. I have taught students with special needs, gifted students, handled parent/teacher conferences, attended IEP meetings, and provided assistance for students with behavioral needs. I have also been involved in curating student art shows, running art fundraisers, entering student art in competitions, and art grant writing. I have experience with teaching homeschoolers, and during the pandemic, I also taught classes virtually.

Utilizing the knowledge I have gained over my years of experience, I can efficiently structure a classroom, have great classroom management and can implement different strategies for student learning. I am proficient in integrating other curricula for hands-on art learning and preparing students to use 21st century skills. I am confident in my ability to discuss art and art education to both children and adults. I function well in leadership positions and in creating a positive environment for students. My sense of humor makes me approachable, helping foster a safe haven for students, but I still am able to get points across in a non-threatening way in the classroom setting.

I have taught students from age eighteen months to senior citizens. I have taught multiple mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture, metalsmithing, design, clay, and mixed media.

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